RF/Dielectric Sealing


Solutions for a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets


What is RF/Dielectric Sealing?

RF sealing, Radio Frequency Sealing, Heat Sealing or
Dielectric sealing all refer to the process used here at Woodstock Plastics Co., Inc. for over 65 years to bond, weld, seal or laminate plastic films and sheets.

Solutions for a Diversity of Industries

Whatever your product application, Sporting Goods, Footwear, Household Products, Child Safety Products, Water Filtration, Infant Nutrition, Food Industry, Toys, Animal Health Care, Environmental, Display, Packaging, Flooring, Automotive just to name a few. Woodstock Plastics has the in-house manufacturing to meet your needs.

Capabilities & Processes Include

• RF/Dielectric Sealing
• Injection Molding
• Vacuum Forming
• Die Cutting
• Slitting
• Sheeting
• Riveting
• Sonic Welding
• Heat Welding
• Impulse Welding
• Pad Printing
• Hot Stamping
• Assembly
• Silk Screen Printing
• Foam Fabricators
• Packaging
• Blistering
• Clamshells
• Embossing