Products & Industries Served

Design to Delivery – From One Source

Products & Industries Served

• Sporting Goods
• Packaging
• Bladders
• Inflatables
• Mattresses
• Cushions
• Pads
• Gel Filled
• Liquid Filled
• Industrial Components
• Bags/Air Bags
• Medical Devices
• Medical Components
• Automotive Including
Aftermarket Seating
• Military Applications
• Sockliners
• Shoe Inserts
• Shoe Bladders

More Than Just a Molder


We have the diversified manufacturing facilities to produce your products entirely in-house. We have modified existing equipment or will build specialized equipment to meet all your production needs.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to design, manufacture, and deliver quality products that meet your standards.


Size & Quantity

Woodstock Plastics manufactures products from micro-components to the products shown in this photo. Some of our customers only need a handful of products per year, while others need as many as half a million components a week.